About us

Geoff S, President, Bearded Bad Boys Worldwide

Formed in 2014, Bearded Bad Boys (BBB) fosters community among those who proudly live the original bearded lifestyle.

Our lives are big and bold. And, it’s made even better with a strong global network. For us, the beard isn’t a trend. It’s a way of life.

Bearded Bad Boys is the brainchild of Global President and Founder Geoff S. After two years in the beard scene, Geoff created a community page that represents individuals who have a deeper appreciation for the bearded lifestyle.

Starting with the support of Geoff’s friends and followers, BBB quickly became a global phenomenon. Our exponential growth led to the creation of BBB Chapters in various cities across North America and Europe, each led by a Chapter President and Vice Presidents. Our community¬†continues to catch the attention of beard aficionados worldwide.

Bearded Bad Boys began as a page where members can share their love for the bearded lifestyle. Now, it has also become a platform of support–a tight-knit family that supports each other through our individual journeys. We recognize our community icons and we help our members succeed through promotion and collaboration.

We also encourage our members to do good. We promote social causes and regularly work with charities.

“If we can leave this world a little better than it was yesterday then we are doing our part and we all should be proud of that!”

– Geoff S., Global President, Bearded Bad Boys.

The Bearded Bad Boy journey continues…